Quality is taken as a moral commitment in every stage of the manufacturing process

Quality is taken as a moral commitment in every stage of the manufacturing process.

The full potential of our production machines is used with the utmost efficiency and respecting the environment Catalano’s industrial plants are distinguished by a very high degree of automation; molding, finishing and handling operations are carried out with the latest-generation robotic systems. All processes lay on a productive logistics aimed to the maximum savings of energy and resources.

CWE Catalano Water Efficiency. A new label meaning water saving, easy cleaning and high-performance manufacturing process of Catalano’s production.

Catalano WCs, in accordance with CWE mark, are able to flush with very low water volumes. The exstensively research on surfaces continuity and the use of new nanotechnological glazes – also applied on hidden areas - avoid the stagnations of water and make the cleaning easier, while reducing the use of water and detergents. Water-saving is the guiding code followed throughout the manufacturing process of Catalano’s production.

Catalano is a member of GBC Italy, the Italian association that works to promote and accelerate the diffusion of sustainability culture, driving the market transformation.

GBC Italy promotes the values of energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact for a greater quality of life by creating and encouraging a shared understanding amid the community of building firms. GBC Italy works to create a network among the most competitive international and Italian firms operating in the segment of sustainable building and to facilitate a dialogue between networks of qualified professionals.


equipments and energy saving

Our awareness in energy saving issue means that our continuous investments are always aimed to acquire the latest technologies available.

CATALANO, since its fundation, has always pursued the technological, typological and formal research, with the aim of constantly improving performance and technical quality of its products. The development of industrial synergies, such as the one with SACMI, world leader in equipment manufacturing for ceramics, aims to offer more and more products with excellent quality and fair prices.